At Tas Ethical we use our award winning expertise to deliver wealth management and retirement planning solutions


Tas Ethical provides financial planning to individuals and organisations that are seeking high quality advice using investments that not just perform well but also incorporate social and environmental considerations.

We believe that you should not have to "park your ethics at the door" when seeking sensible outcomes with your money, and, indeed, that it makes both financial and ethical sense to incorporate your values into your financial decisions.

Incorporating ethical considerations into your financial decisions is a specialised task that requires an adviser not just highly experienced in traditional financial planning but also monitoring the ever shifting local and global social and environmental landscape. 

We are Tasmania's only advisory firm specialised in ethical investing, we understand your concerns and how to incorporate them into your investment decisions in a wise and sensible manner. 

You can find out about our awards and ethical certifications below. If you'd like to explore how our advisers walk the talk you can click on the team link below.


Our clients are often highly educated professionals, who care deeply about the issues facing the planet and appreciate the benefits of a more equitable society. They are at a stage of life where they see the need for quality financial advice and prefer that their super or investments be aligned with their own values. Often our clients also have concerns as to how adjustments to our current economic model, from mega trends such as climate change and resource scarcity, may impact on their finances in the coming decades. They appreciate dealing with a firm whose staff also think deeply about these issues.

Stuart advised and supported me with my decision to move to ethical and fossil fuel free superannuation investments, additionally he provided me with high quality insurance and financial advice. I highly recommend his services to anyone who cares about their financial future and the world’s.
— Dr Frank N, North Hobart


Tas Ethical is proud to be a member of the following professional associations;

Responsible Investment Association

The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) is the peak industry body representing responsible and ethical investors across Australia and New Zealand. RIAA works to promote a more responsible approach to investment, to encourage more people to actively choose a responsible and ethical option for their savings and investments, across superannuation, banking, general investments. All RIAA’s members understand that there is more that drives investment returns than just what is found in financial reports. More sustainable companies and assets thrive over the long term, and our members use a variety of approaches to find these strong investments.

Ethical Advisers CoOp

The Ethical Advisers CoOp is a group of like minded Financial Advisers that specialise in ethical investment.  Their mission is to make it easy for Australians to invest ethically, whilst still achieving their financial goals. The CoOp members work together to encourage super funds and fund managers to introduce appropriate (cheap, assessable and truly ethical) fund options to allow more Australians access to ethical options that meet their objectives.  


Tas Ethical's vision is to be recognised as one of Australia's most respected financial advisory firms, renowned for our expertise in ethical investment advice. Feedback from our clients is our key performance indicator. Another way we benchmark our success is through industry awards. We are proud to have received several awards to date:

2016 Money Management Magazine - Stuart Barry, Finalist Financial Adviser of the Year

2015 Financial Wisdom - Winner Vic/Tas Practice of the Year

2015 Financial Wisdom - Winner National Compliance Award

2010 Financial Wisdom - Winner Vic/Tas Practice of the Year


Tas Ethical (then Financial Life Planners) was founded by Bill Sharp in 1984. Bill's financial expertise and love of the environment enabled him to be both brave and farsighted enough to be one of the first of four financial advisers in Australia to offer ethical investments to their clients. 

At that time, our current owner and senior adviser, Stuart Barry, was working in the financial industry for local and global institutions, primarily as a fund manager. In his later years, he found himself working in Hong Kong and then South Korea as a Country Manager with responsibility for several Asian investment operations. During this time, Stuart remained unaware of the world of ethical investing. He saw himself as a "square peg in a round hole" - in an industry seemingly requiring the maximisation of short term profits with no regard for social or environmental considerations. 

After meeting his Tassie born wife-to-be, Rosie, the couple decided to move to Hobart to start a family, valuing lifestyle above the glamor of international life.

In search of a new career, Stuart met Bill Sharp, who explained the world of ethical investing. After that auspicious meeting Stuart had finally found something to combine his concern for the planet and financial expertise.

Bill and Stuart worked together for several years, with Stuart eventually taking over upon Bill's retirement. He looks back on the day he met Bill as the most fortuitous of his career.

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