The accumulation of money is simply a tool to enable us to live a happy, healthy life. It makes no sense to build wealth with investments that impact on our happiness by destroying the communities and natural environment we live in.

With ethical investing, you can be confident that your money is being invested wisely and that your superannuation and other investments are not damaging society or the planet in any way. You can feel proud that you are making a positive contribution to humanity and the environment, knowing that you’re dealing with a specialist ethical advisory firm who understands your values and concerns.

Five reasons to invest ethically

  1. Personal values – you can invest in something that you care about, something that reflects your values and your priorities

  2. Performance – historically ethical funds have added value over mainstream funds

  3. Price – ethical investing has previously been more expensive than mainstream; however, this gap is growing smaller by the year

  4. Planet – take better care of our planet

  5. Pleasure – it is really rewarding to see your money making a difference, and driving change

Five steps to take when considering your investment

  1. Reflect on your values – what are your passions and concerns and where do you want to see your money making a difference?

  2. Consider your approach to risk – are you a safe investor; do you want to take risks; how long term is your investment plan?

  3. Find yourself an expert or an advisor who can match your values and your risk profile to the funds that match your criteria.

  4. Read the small print of each fund – ensure that you are investing in the right sort of companies beyond the title of the fund.

  5. Be noisy - if you are leaving a fund or bank because they don’t offer ethical options - do let them know – this helps create change.



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